drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Jack Booted Brutal Repression By The Radical Left Wing Extremists....

I am just so Shocked by their Irrational Shrill Whining:
President Bush called attorney general Alberto Gonzales Tuesday morning to reassure him of his support despite the repeated lies and "half-truths" coming from his office.

White House press secretary Tony Snow said the president called Alberto Gonzales from the Oval Office around 7:15 a.m to "reaffirm his strong backing" of the attorney general.

[ cf Despite repeated lies from Gonzales, Bush says he stays ]
Have you ever Noticed How the Radical Left Wing Extremists BELIEVE that there is some sort of objective Truth that is exterior to the Divine Knowledge that Comes From Accepting the Divinity of Dubya, as laid out, clearly and compellingly, by the argument from intelligent design.

Hence Their Totally Irrational Objection to THE TruthieNeff that comes From Great Leader!!! and the Great Leaders Great Aura Of Divine Knowledge, simply goes to show how they are stabbing the troops in the back by not supporting The Divine WIll Of The Divine Dubya....
Tags: religion, war

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