drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Dear Old Dick....

Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz Kids:
The unctuous owl has hooted again. Only this time, Dick Cheney’s cave has been invaded by the sudden sunlight of judicial and congressional revelations, making him appear more pathetic than intimidating as he once again charges critics of the Iraq war with giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
[ cf His Own Worst Enemy
( emphasis mine, for reasons of National Security. ) ]
Trivia Contest Time Here Kiddies....

IF one is support the Dick to Support the Screwing Of The Troops, then doesn't that mean that the Armed Religious WingNuts are also supporting the Very Position that Dear Old Dick Offers - or is there some majikal Special Space that they get to live in, where they get to believe what he says, but without actually being involved in the substance or content of what Dear Or Dick Says....

Or is it the Neuvo Case that since so many of the NeoConClownCarCrew have 'moved on', they no longer care at all what Dear Old Dick thinks, since he is just one more of those Liberal Republicans who have Stabbed The True Believers in the back....

Gosh, Stay Tuned, folks might do some stuff....

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