drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should Iraqi Opinions Matter???

I don't recall anyone asking the Iraqi's IF they cared if we liberated their nation and restored the wetlands in their Country, so do they even matter???
Four in five Iraqis have little or no confidence in US-led forces and most think their presence is making security worse, but despite that only about a third want them to leave now, a poll showed on Monday. The poll, commissioned by the BBC, ABC News, ARD German TV and USA Today ahead of this week's fourth anniversary of the US-led invasion, contrasts starkly with one two years ago when two-thirds of Iraqis were more upbeat.
[ cf Most Iraqis think US presence is making matters worse - poll ]
So it's not like they had any involvement with the Argument From Intelligent Design that Mandates the Divinity Of Dubya.

Nor for that matter, is it even relevant that they really can not vote out their puppet regime, you know, as if Iraq were a Sovereign Nation where there was suppose to be the rule of Law - you know, one more of those Failed Evil Liberal pre-911 myths....

So Why don't More folks just embrace the Excitement Of How Much FUN we are still having, while we are having it, since Clearly The Divinity Of Dubya can not be doubted, because if ANYONE were to doubt the Divinity of Dubya, then The True Believers would lose any sense of meaning and purpose in their life, not the mention lose any basis for their Moral System, hence become Mere Mass Murders...
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