drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should The Evil Liberal Media....

Be Obliged to Give Up it's habit of marketting NeoCon talking points, complete with anecdotal noise factors?

Or would that be asking too much of them as the nation tries to recover from the fun of tghe last six years of the "Conservatives Without Conscience"?

cf Digby's Blame Americans First Republicans and the Greenwald article Howard Kurtz, Michael Barone & Argument by Anecdote.

I mean we have all been through the slimings, and the "wrapping in the flag" gambits......

So IF there is suppose to be some alledged Improvement in the decorum, wouldn't it be useful if the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets wound up having to actually work for a Living as, well, Working Journalists? And not merely as the Marketting Droids for WingNuts Annon???

OR would that be asking to much???

{ why the tag for 'religion' - well let us pause and think of all of the Religious Gamboling we have watched as a part of the whole Sub Text of Whom Does Jesus Like More.... }
Tags: religion, war

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