drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Not A Gonzalas Memo For Saddam?

I'm still scratching my head why the Anti-War Types are Persecuting Saddam Hussein for having been in the war against islamicists before it was cool. The current Evil Liberal Media is trying to pretend that detaining persons, per the American Attorney General Gonzalas's Memo, back when he was merely White House Counsel, is well, not the sort of thing that Saddam Hussein should be allowed to Do. Then there is that part about 'extracting information by any means possible' - also known amongst the whiners as 'torture' - but of course, as we all know, Dick "the dick" Cheney, understands that Special Renderings and Torturing is something that needs to be allowed in a time of Whatever On Whomever - why gosh, just like those Anti-War Types are Persecuting Saddam for having done. Then, gosh, there is all of that collateral damage that got caused, but is collateral damage really a bad thing? I mean don't all americans understand that you have to break a few heads^H^H^H^H^H eggs to make an Omlette.

So what is the big deal with allowing the Anti-War Types to flaunt their UnAmericanism and mere Bush Bashing by persecuting Saddam Hussein.

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