drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

This Week In NeoConClownCarCrew Comedy....

My pet favorite armed religious wingnut NeoCon got all whiney at me recently and fumbled out
You Can't Wrap Yourself in The Flag...
The central comedy of this is the problem of what to do with the reality that I served, and he did not.... But one really also has to worry about
Gosh! Golly! Oh My!!!
You make
"Wrap Yourself in The Flag"
sound like a BAD THING...
Oh me, Oh My!!!

I mean, how can one get to such a state where the NeoConClownCar Crew is not too sure how to free float their flag wrapping festival... I mean, if wrapping one's self in the flag is "BAD", gosh, how can one get there without stabbing the Troops In The Back By Stabbing The President in The back, which is tantamount to waging war with GOD!!!!

Oh ME! Oh My! What ever will we do....

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