drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Can Gene Therapy Save Us From HomoSeXuals....

Our dear Friend Jesus's General, in a Manly an HeteroSeXual way, rebukes the Evil Deviants at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, with
Your attempt to create a biblical justification for "curing" homosexuality in the blastocyst-American community is reprehensible. By doing so, you've taken a very promising technology, the manipulation of genetic material in utero to ensure that tomorrow's generations conform to the dictates of authority, and turned it into something very, very ugly: an admission that homosexuality is genetic in nature.

You must retract your article immediately. Otherwise, we will no longer have an excuse to deny homosexuals the same rights we grant everyone else. It will mean the end to legal discrimination against homosexuals in the workplace and before the law. We will no longer be able to stop the spread of so-called "hate laws," which prevent us from witnessing for Jesus Christ with the Steel-Toed boots of Redemption.

[ cf Battling the homomojo of the manly bulge ]

Imagine, Some Radical Left Wing Extremists Attempting To Advance some sort of Gene Splicing Theory, which as we all know, is just more of the same old Failed Liberal Stab the Troops In the Back becausee of Godless Heathenism...
Tags: religion, war

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