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got xFiles???

Hey Scully, Watch me Pull a Rabit out of my Hat:
The White House backed away today from its earlier assertions that the former White House counsel, Harriet E. Miers, was alone in hatching the idea to fire United States attorneys early in 2005.

Instead, President Bush’s chief spokesman said today that, Karl Rove, the chief political adviser to Mr. Bush, had early conversations with Ms. Miers. “I think the thing that we can say with assurance is that Karl remembers her raising it to him and his saying he didn’t think it was a good idea,” said Tony Snow, the president’s spokesman.

“It has been described as her idea but ... I don’t want to try to vouch for origination,” Mr. Snow said, according to The Associated Press. “At this juncture, people have hazy memories.”

[ cf AmPravda: White House Now Unsure if Firings Were Miers’s Idea ]
Mulder, That Trick Never Works....

Oh where oh where is the cigarette smoking man, oh where OH WHERE can he be???

Gosh, given the recent plame crisis, how useful is anything that Karl Rove says, when he is NOT under oath???
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