drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What Ever Could Be The Cause Of This????

Hum... one really has to wonder here a bit
A report released Thursday shows what researchers call an alarming rise in binge drinking among college women, part of a trend of rampant drinking and drug use on campuses nationwide.

And a second report released by the government concludes that young girls are increasingly turning to household inhalants to get high, a practice known as "huffing."

It isn't clear whether the studies, which were released separately, point to an overall trend in increased drug use among women and girls. But they are two examples of females catching up in two forms of substance abuse once dominated by males.

[ cf Rise in Alcohol Abuse by College Women ]

Could it be that More Women are serving in the Military, because the boys are hiding???

Could it be that a very Successful CIA Case Officer got stabbed in the Back by 'the good old boy' clique of wankers who are still running the country into the toilet???

Could it be that the Economy Sucks Bilge, and there are so many variations on the end time cults wandering around the nation it is hard to keep track of which ones of them want to move that project along more than anything else....

Or is it the Most Obvious of All Cases, GAY MARRIAGE!!!!

And the growing threat that women will not be allowed to remain bare foot and pregnant....

Because, well, Damn, The Evil Liberals are PERSECUTING THEM, just like HanoiAnnie Coulter, by sending them off to college rather than getting a dowery together so that they can be married off....


I wonder what could be behind it alll....
Tags: religion, war

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