drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Say Good Bye To Gonzolaz....

But will the Prez had him over with John Yoo, for their involvement in war crimes?
“I do have confidence in Attorney General Al Gonzales,” Mr. Bush said of his old friend from Texas. But he said the dismissals had been bungled, “and frankly I’m not happy about it.”
[ cf Bush Defends Gonzales in Firing of Prosecutors ]
Like Wow Dude... When like the dude did your dirty work, it is like wow, so confident, except for like the facts dude... Like Wow Man, is that Mexican Red, Like, you know, too buddy for the Chronic you are accustom to blowing, or like what dude? Did you, uh, like go south of the border, to do a little, like Nose Ski'ing in the Snow.... Uh Dude, Uh, Like, You Know... Uh Dude...

At Least when El Presidente had the Greatest of All Possible Confidence in Rummy, he was able to make sure that Rummy did not go overseas, where he might have been detained for indictments related to war crimes....

Ah yes.... But Does Gonzales really Symbolize the White Christian America that the Holy Warriors are at this very moment Valiantly Defending Christendome for????
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