drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More War With Sudan!!!!

You know, I would be able to take Faux News' Excitement over the recent ruling,
NORFOLK, Va. — A federal judge said Wednesday that Sudan is responsible for the bombing of the USS Cole but he needs more time to determine damages for the families of the 17 sailors killed when terrorists bombed the ship in 2000.

"There is substantial evidence in this case presented by the expert testimony that the government of Sudan induced the particular bombing of the Cole by virtue of prior actions of the government of Sudan," U.S. District Judge Robert G. Doumar said.

The civil trial started Tuesday in which the victims' relatives tried to prove the terrorist attack couldn't have happened without Sudan's support.

[ cf Federal Judge Says Sudan is to Blame for Deadly USS Cole Bombing ]
Were it not for the actual Positions that the Faux News Crew took about ATTACKING THE WAR PRESIDENT who had been bombing Sudan, and Afghanistan, and as such, openly said to the Attackers of The USS COLE, that folks like Faux News were willing to Impede the War President, and hence that as far as Faux News was concerned, DEAD, MAIMED AND WOUNDED GI's, sells adverts to the Wheeners...

Or we could take Faux News' Poseur Posturing about the Radical Extremist Left Wing Black Robed Judicial Tyrannts, who are always creating legislation from the bench, rather than leaving the war making powers to the war president and the majikal war counsel of war winning war wankers...

Ah yes, what if americans had to really live with their rhetorical devices.....

But thank God Faux News was willing to cover it's own complicity in Making the Attack On The USS COLE the media dahling of the Liberal Media....

Maybe Now we will have More Glorious, And Ever More Victorious Victories In The Sudan!!! Why We can send China Gordon the Khartum, that will show the Wooly Headed Ones we ARE Serious About God, King, And Country!!!!!
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