drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

MORE CRIMES AGAINST AMERICAN KULTURE, Or why we want to bomb canada now...

It is considered a sufficiency of Proof that we MUST bomb canada, if any of your co-workers starts doing the "we want the new release" pee-pee dance to the Tune of "I want my, I Want My, I Want My MTV...."

It is clearly time for a Super Duper Double Secret Bomb Canada if the new release pee-pee dance is done by manager or higher levels....

In short. It is in bad form to sit there singing
I want MY, I Want My, I Want My <Release_Rev_Number_here>...
We just do not do that... Some PARTS of our Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere Cultural Legacies can not be hijacked, altered, tampered with, or otherwise ABUSED for Ideologically Dangerous Reasons...

It would just NOT be proper...
Tags: bomb_canada
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