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Gosh, that Dhimmitude Issue...

Why is it that the NeoConClownCarCrew is just not as willing to whine about the Dhimmitude Crisis, and more importantly why is it that the Godless Wiki spits up
The word dhimmitude is a neologism, imported from the French language, and derived from the Arabic language word dhimmi. Dhimmi...s a legal status of a free non-Muslim subject of a state governed in accordance with sharia — Islamic law.
The term is said to have been invented in 1982 by the Lebanese Maronite militia leader Bachir Gemayel, in reference to perceived attempts by the country's Muslim leadership to subordinate the large Lebanese Christian minority. In a speech of September 14, 1982 given at Dayr al-Salib in Lebanon, he said: "Lebanon is our homeland and will remain a homeland for Christians . . . We want to continue to christen, to celebrate our rites and traditions, our faith and our creed whenever we wish . . . Henceforth, we refuse to live in any dhimmitude!"[1] Gemayel was assassinated shortly after he gave the speech.

[ cf Dhimmitude ( emphasis mine )]
Ok, I have a very wicked confession to make....

I find it just too COMICAL to think of the NeoConClownCarCrew Crawling on the Short Bus with the French to get a NeoLogism.... ( for the slow children, creating neologism is one of the various supposed symptoms of PSchizophrenia. { as a Konikidenk Or Konspirkii Moment, why is it that when I look forit, that it showed up as being a locked subject, that was taking no more edits, could it be that the NeoConClownCarCrew were trying to make their FrenchNeoLogismThingiePooh, well, a more acceptable socio-Psychotic behavior... One might want to know, you know. } )

Ah yes, but well, the times they are a changing, and gosh, all of those Formerly So Pro-War Types are, well, gosh trying to so reposition themselves away from any of their previous rhetorical assertions....

Why who knows, When Haliburton reforms in Dubai, it could be the case that the NeoConClownCarCrew will have always felt that it was their divine right to have Dhimmitude as the Only One True And Always True Truthier Moment...
Tags: religion, war

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