drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Thots Beyond The Pale

Hey kids, ever wonder what would be Far Too Far Beyond The Pale for even Faux News to make it a prime time news show??? Well how about a Tinky Winky TELETUBBIES tragedy type show called
HanoiAnnie Coulter and friends....
Now doesn't that just make you want to bomb canada, or cleveland, or culver city....

Oh My God, guess what it takes to get the Number One Google Slot to give it up for:
In February 1999, an article in Falwell's National Liberty Journal suggested that a Teletubbies character, Tinky Winky, could be a hidden homosexual symbol, because the character was purple (which the article claimed was a color symbolic of homosexuality), had an inverted triangle on his head and carried a handbag. Falwell denied any personal involvement with the original article, and made clear he never had any prior knowledge of or concern with the Teletubbies. Falwell's organization said the author of the article was simply repeating what others in the media were already saying about the nature of the character [27]. In the months following this incident, Falwell received a number of Tinky Winky plush dolls via mail, most of which he has given to his grandchildren.[citation needed]

Falwell often attributes political affiliation to the divine, claiming that God "is a Republican" [28] and Jesus "was the First American."

[ cf Goggled for "Tinky + Homosexuals",
and the Number one Slot went to Jerry Fallwell, Go Figurre ]
But there IS GOOD NEWS grlz,
A chain of gay newspapers is offering Tinky Winky the opportunity to become an "ex-gay," in a satirical response to Rev. Jerry Falwell's warnings that the popular Teletubby may be gay. "We feel the recent 'ex-gay' ads by the extreme Right are too focused on humans, and have left out Teletubbies, cartoon characters, and action figures in offering salvation," said William Waybourn, co-founder of Window Media, a company that owns several gay community newspapers.

Ads appearing in next week's editions of the company's newspapers will parody recent newspaper and television ads, created by conservatives, that claimed gays and lesbians can convert to heterosexuality.

[ cf False Prophet Jerry Falwell Gets Covered By The Media - Part 3 ]
So It's NOT like the nation has to worry, that there is no Faith Based Soluton here, or any of that....

God It's enough to Like BOMB in an Off-Off-Off Broadway show about Drag Queen Contests cat fighting between the Judy Garland Fands and the HanoiAnnie Coulter Impersonators....

Oh Please...
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