drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Go Dick Go!!!

Hey Kids, isn't this even more funnier...
Anti-war lawmakers in Congress are "undermining" U.S. troops in Iraq by trying to limit President Bush's spending requests for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday.

Hitting out at lawmakers who profess to back the troops but oppose Bush's plans in Iraq, Cheney said proof of their commitment would come as they consider legislation to provide nearly $100 billion for the rest of this year's costs of the wars.

[ cf Cheney Challenges 'Anti-War' Lawmakers ]
Well, it must be wonderful to know that one's transactions are safely unwinding out of their Dollar Positions, and will be able to be in a safe haven....

Wish Dear Old Dick were willing to offer that safety to our Troops...

Especially if Dear Old Dick is still planning to Cut And Run at his earliest opportunity...
Tags: war

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