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Why ARE the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets STILL shilling the war?

The article tries to address one of a series of fundamental problems that have been PAINFULLY WELL KNOWN inside of the Veteran's Community, because, well, most of this is 'tribal knowledge' that our "civilian friends" would prefer NOT to be bothered by... { again, try to remember, some of my best friends are civilians, I just am SOOOO not sure they should be dating my son or daughter.... } Then we get this piece of HORROR, COMEDY, TRAGEDY, FARCE ( select star from star )
In the eyes of five such relatives interviewed, the military health care system, which is so advanced in its treatment of lost limbs, has been scrambling to deal with an unanticipated volume of traumatic brain-injury cases that it was ill equipped to handle. Largely because of the improvised explosive devices used by insurgents in Iraq, traumatic brain injury has become a signature wound of this war, with 1,882 cases treated to date, according to the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center.
[ cf For war's gravely injured, challenge to find care in U.S. ]
oh that is a MOST UGLY pice of propoganda there....

blaming IED's for the rise of TBI is just PATENTLY OBSCENE and very close to IMMORAL!!!

The problem is that with the improvement in things like the Kevlar Helmet, and the kevlar ballistic vests, and the Medivac Improvements, we are able to keep more troopers alive long enough that they do not die of collateral damage, and we can Identify that they HAVE a TBI!!!

GOD!!!!! why not simply say that the rise of TBI's is based upon the Iranian Flying Saucers, and hence that we need to Invade Iran and Kzakhastan, and ....

Will FREAKING JOURNALISTS give up on trying to keep on selling the war for no good reason???

Ok, there are some NICE things that can be said about the article. It did not try to shill any "Faith Based Initiatives" about how if we put our troops in the hands of the Christianists, that their Majik Jumbo Size, Made For TV, Voodoo would make them all better. But there is this set of annoyances
In general, these caregivers said that their grievously wounded soldiers had either been written off prematurely or not given aggressive rehabilitation or options for care. From the beginning, they said, the government should have joined forces with civilian rehabilitation centers instead of trying to ramp up its limited brain-injury treatment program alone during a time of war. That way, soldiers would have had access to top-quality care at civilian institutions that were already operating at full throttle and might be closer to home.

In fact, many soldiers do have that access. But unlike Behee, many caregivers only belatedly come to understand how to negotiate the daunting military health care system

( op cit )
wWould this be the wrongest of times to remind americans that the Veteran's Community is getting dumped into the Medicare System, that is being DOWNGRADED, from the medical support system that was BETTER - since the VA was willing to use it's group purchasing power to deal a better deal for it's members... Unlike the Ongoing Fiasco of Medicare....

Or would that mean POLITICIZING THE ISSUE by asking the same WANKERS who want to jerk me off about supporting the President to support the Troops, and demand that they Sort out WHAT they meant by 'support the troops'....

Again, try to remember, Some of My Best Friends Are Civilians, I just do not believe that they should be getting any special privileges because they ran and hid, while others were doing the dirty work...
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