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Got Contras???

Hum... Speaking of More Bad/comedic news
Furious U.S. Democrats threatened Friday to limit the FBI's anti-terror powers after an audit uncovered major problems with how agents used the Patriot Act to secretly obtain personal information like credit reports.

The audit found the FBI misused, sometimes illegally, so-called security letters that require companies to provide highly personal records about their customers without a judge's approval.

For three years, the agency has been grossly underestimating to Congress how often they make banks, telephone companies and others turn over the data on people living in the United States.

[ cf Angry U.S. Democrats threaten to limit FBI anti-terror powers ]
Hey Kids, Remember the Halcyon Days of The Iran-Contra Scandal???

You know, when congress said that the CIA could not be used as a conduit for selling weapons for hostages and cash, so as to have off shore funding of our terrorists???

Well Guess What!!! What if we need to start having more of those fun filled off the shell Terrrorist Organizations here that are run from off the book trading... Well gosh, we could pick up the Enron Trading Floor, cheap, dirt cheap, and give them some government jobs, and we could bank roll our friends in "blackwater security" to do the dirty tricks, black bag, snatch and grab, and with the right spin, they too could become a profit center in all of this, as we have our Death Squads out death squading their Death Squads....

Yeah!!! Go Team Venture!!!!

I mean, you wouldn't want those Patriot Act Powers to fall into the Hands of Hitlary and her Rad Femi Serf Nazi's!!! now would you???

Nope!!! That's why We True Patriotic Americans Back the Bush/Cheney 2008 ticket against all of the whiney losers, since anything less would be a stab in the back of our valiant fighting forces, and well, the fun filled free marketting folks who understand that there is a buck to be made taking hostages and killing people!!!

All Hail The Free Marketeers!!! For Low their MoJo Is Great and they Have Strong Kung Fu, because GOD has called them to make the big bucks in the hot New Snatch And Grab Industry!!! Soon to be backed with a futures market in Freedoms and a Derivatives Market in being allowed back out on the street again....

Get in ON the Ground Floor, before you find yourself in a sub-basement trying to remember who you can trade for the next bowl of gruel...
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