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Hey Kids, Spot the Scary Part Of The News...

well, gosh, golly, Gee Whiz, what if the language were to get scarrier?
The military began has a series of secret hearings to determine whether 14 alleged terrorist leaders at its prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, should be classified ''enemy combatants'' who can be held indefinitely and prosecuted by military tribunals.

No details were released and a military spokesman, Navy Cmdr. Chito Peppler, declined to identify which detainee had appeared before the panel of three officers.

[ cf Secret hearings start at Guantánamo
Emphasis Mine, since some may recall that the original plot was that they could NOT be 'enemy combatants' because we declared them to be Terrorists, so that we could hijack them and avoid the legal complications of the AMERICAN LEGAL IMPLEMENTATION OF THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS ON PRISONERS OF WAR. ]

Isn't it funny that here we are, how many years after taking hostages out of Afghanistan, finally getting around to trying to do the Kabuki Dance that they were taken hostages, and might, well, gosh be actual "enemy combatants" and hence entitled to the Protections under AMERICAN LAW IMPLEMENTING THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS ON PRISONSERS OF WAR - which would seem to suggest, again, that WE STOLE PEOPLE OFF THE BATTLE FIELD WITHOUT RESOLVING IF THEY WERE PROTECTED BY THEE AMERICAN LAW IMPLEMENTING THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS ON PRISONSERS OF WAR.

{ would this be the wrong time to talk about the criminality that went to both the Nuremburg Trials, and the war crimes trials in asia, with regards to NOT treating POW's in compliance with the Geneva Convention??? or would that rip open the same festoring sore that we, as americans, support 'pre-emptive warfare' and hence no longer consider the attack on Pearl Harbor a bad thing...... but, well, just one more of those things that folks do... And gosh, you know, taking hostages is cool too.... }

But NOW!!! Now we want to majikally turn them into 'enemy combatants' so that we can keep them indefinitely, rather than keeping them indefinitely as 'not enemy combatants'.


And tomorrow we learn that freedom is slavery, and war is Peace!!!

Or is there still a chance that America may fall to American Laws???
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