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Shreveport Falls To Canadianists....

As noted by Editor & Publisher, The Times of Shreveport, Louisiana, has dropped right-wing pundit Ann Coulter's column "effective immediately" as a result of her remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Editor & Publisher linked to a statement in which Times executive editor Alan English said that Coulter's "recent 'joke' about John Edwards being considered a 'faggot' " was "the back-breaking straw for a decision we've openly discussed for some time." English's statement also said that Coulter's "repeated use of hyperbole in the call for the death of some journalists and politicians was beyond the pale" and that "her 'shock-jock' writing style is no different from Howard Stern's practical jokes and bathroom humor that aims to draw a school-yard snicker." The statement added that Coulter's columns "rarely" "raise the level of discourse."
[ cf The Times of Shreveport, LA, drops Coulter ]
Can We Doubt Any Longer, the growing danger of the evil demonic evil....

We must BOMB CANADA to stop the Canadianists Invasion of Our White Christian America!!!
Tags: bomb_canada, war

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