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We mean which again???

Hum, there are news reports calling for more MP's to be sent to Iraq to deal with the growing number of detainees, without, of course, resolving why we are merely detaininng them, rather than lining them up for the firing squads to irradicate them for being enemies of the state.

Then there is this buzz
General Petraeus took command of U.S. forces in Iraq in February, as American and Iraqi forces were preparing for a months-long security operation designed to secure the capital and drive out Sunni insurgents in al Anbar province.

The general says in the last month he has toured parts of Baghdad, and said he was "taken aback" by how some neighborhoods have changed since he was last in Iraq.

"When I left 17 months ago now, there certainly was not the kind of emptiness in some of the neighborhoods of Baghdad," he said.

Thousands of Baghdad residents have fled worsening sectarian violence in the last year.

[ cf US Commander in Iraq Says Insurgents Intensifying Attacks ]
But since everything in Iraq is just swimingly Ducky, as the Great Leader keeps reminding us, uh, the folks meant to say??? Uh, Which part was the part that was suppose to be supporting Great Leader's Greatness!!!

As we can continue to clean out more and more neighborhoods in Baghdad, there will be less need to do the security operations as there will be fewer and fewer members of the various sectarian groups left to engage in any of their Anti-State Terrorism!!!

Would this be the really wrongest time to ask why we are conducting any Security Operations to secure the Capital, this many years after the Mission Accomplished Dance???

Given that we have arrived at this Wonder
General Petraeus said there are three categories of insurgents - al Qaida in Iraq terrorist cells, sectarian militias and violent criminals - and all are trying to derail the security operation by provoking more violence between Iraqi Sunnis and Shi'ites.
( op cit )
Hum... We have taken a modestly functioning country and have, gosh, made it a training facility for Al Qaida, Sectarian WingNugs, and Violent Criminals....

Go Team Venture!!!

We can only hope that we can purge Iraq of any of their issues,
"As citizens feel safer, conditions will be set for the resumption and improvement for basic services," he continued. "This is hugely important; indeed, Iraqis have often ranked the provision of services ahead of security in importance."

General Petraeus says the Iraqi government has earmarked more than $7 billion for security expenses and $10 billion for infrastructure.

( op cit )
where exactly is the Iraqi Government raising those sums??? Or did we mean to point out that the on going Federal Fiscal Bleeding is still on going... and will be for as long as we need to have the need to be more at war than ever before, so that folks like HanoiAnnie Coulter will some how be able to work out her anger that Jesus did not give her a Penis.

Go Team America!!!

I would hate to think that folks like HanoiAnnie Coulter would simply have to pay for their own PsychoTherapy without the Dead, Maimed, and wounded American troops...

But then agian we can Irradicat them, they them those types, if only those Evil Anti-War Types would stop waving their Barbarella Dolls and just scarying the Holy Wankage out of our Greatest of All Military Leaders, EVER!!!

Since Only Through Total Victory Can The Victory Be Victorious!!!!
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