drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Rush On Walter Reed???

hello!!! we are in which year of the Most Holy Of All Crusades Against All evil everywhere, ever since the whole world changed on 09/11/2001.... So do we really need to rush into fixing the American Military Medical System, since, well, as everyone KNOWS, they did volunteer for dangerous duty, and they should have understood that they really can not count on any of that failed pre-911 evil liberal welfare statist Culture to bend over backwards for a bunch of welfare queens merely because they became 'on the job' liabilities because they got hurt at work!!!

Why don't they go to their private medical insurance provider and let them deal with the issues? Why should tax payers have to foot the bill for the comedic relief of the Rush Limbaughs and the HanoiAnnie Coulters when they need to pretend that they are more patriotically corrector than thou....

Or is that also the central dark fuggly in all of this?

One can count on the rheotical devices of the ProWarCrowd, right up to the time when it really counts for them to follow their rhetorical devices into action....

OR are we suppose to be majikal in our thinking and SERIOUSLY buy into the idea that this is all because of the Demonic Nancy Pelosi Evil Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair, that she dragged kicking and screaming from her dark closet of horrors - because the Great, Victorious, And Valiant Fighting Forces of the Fighting 101st Keyboardists, well, totally FAILED to protect america from Nancy Pelosi, and allowed America to Fall in World War Z to the Voodoo Zombie Influences of Nancy Pelosi...

Yeah, that's the ticket. Right up until Nancy Came Along, Walter Reed was the State of The Art Medical Facility, and then along comes Nancy and civilization collapses... Why It IS a miracle...
Tags: war

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