drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should This Complicate The Ideological Posturing Of NeoCon Clowns?

Hum... Let us start with
A US Army medic who refused to return to Iraq with his unit has been found guilty and sentenced to eight months in jail for desertion - far short of the maximum seven-year sentence.

A US military court also ruled that Agustin Aguayo, who has already spent 161 days in prison, should forfeit paid allowances and be given a bad conduct discharge.
His rank would also be reduced to the lowest grade.

The Mexican-born combat medic, age 35, on Tuesday pleaded guilty to going absent without leave and missing his deployment but denied charges of full desertion.

[ cf US army medic guilty of desertion ]
Gosh, it has got to suck out there in VOCHAS ville, that some immigrant from Mexico, MEXICO!!!! took away a billet that some Nice White All American All NeoCon could have had, and then opted not to go....

How Shocking....

Or would this be the totally wrongest time to bring up the emotional trauma that is the Michael New: A Patriot Court Martialed for Obeying His Oath of Duty but who was also CONVICTED By THE US MILITARY COURT SYSTEM....

Now I can understand, for the NeoCon Clown Car Crew, it is so hard to remember now, in this post-911 world, what the world was like back before the whole world changed...

But isn't it just gonna be funny watching them work so Hard on not being held accountable for anything that they have ever done or said!!!

Could that be while so many NeoCon Clowns are still CONUS hoping to JESUS that there will be no REAL SURGE of Actual American Troops into the Middle East that would demand that they actually fish or cut bait...

Or would that be just, well, too tough a leap of faith for them to make...
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