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Should Americans Get Active In ThatWarThingiePooh

Oh, gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz!!! Another Britany Moment, "Oops I did it again..." up in Afghanistan,
Afghan officials say a NATO air strike in northern Afghanistan has killed at least nine civilians. It is the second time in as many days that NATO or U.S. forces may have accidentally killed civilians. Correspondent Benjamin Sand has more from VOA's South Asia bureau in Islamabad.

Afghan authorities say suspected Taleban insurgents targeted a NATO base late Sunday in Kapisa province, just north of Kabul. When the western forces returned fire local officials say they apparently hit a civilian house killing at least five women and several young children.

[ cf Civilian Death Toll Rises From Possible NATO Strike in Northern Afghanistan ]
Now remind me again, the reason that we are all upset about Slaughtering Civilians, is, well, gosh, what again????

Why don't we support the President as he shaves off his head, and puts the old 666 on his Brow, and just decides that we can no longer allow those Defeatist Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Runners to impede the progress that we could be making in Slaughtering Off The Potential Terrorists Who Might Some Day Grow Up and become Enemies Of The State!!!! Or Terrorists!!! Or Iranian Flying Saucers!!!

Unrestricted Submarine Warfare!!! now more than Ever!!!

{ for the slow readers, uh, do any of you want to comment on the Slaying And Slewing Doctrines that exist in a Biblically Literal Interpretation of the Christianist Bible, and that with the Added Special Sauce, that as we 'take the land' that we are doing God's Will in all of this??? OR are the folks who oppose the Slaying And Slewing Doctrines doing this simply because they are God Hating America Bashers who want to stab our troops in the back by not supporting the President To Support The Troops!!!!! }
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