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Britany Or HanoiAnnie Coulter???

Wow, one just has to love America, where we have these great emotional crises about who is, and who should, be in therapy...
Someone is desperately trying to get our attention.

Either it's Britney Spears who allegedly tried to hang herself after writing 666 on her forehead and running through the halls of Promises rehab in Malibu, or it's the news agency who is spreading these rumors.

[ cf Did Britney Spears Claim to be the Anti Christ, Then Scrawl 666 on her Head, And tried to Hang Herself? ]
Gosh, would this be the wrong time to ask,
What IF america had been attacked on 09/11?
Would the HanoiAnnie Coulter Fan Club Be This Engaged???
Or, well, gosh, would they just be trying to dress up in drag like Hanoi Annie Coulter, hoping that would keep them out of active military service, while, gosh, they too, followed which ever drift and flip of fame Hanoi Annie Coulter goes through, as if she were the Real Actual Imaginary NextBritany!!!

I mean, we do want to work out these technical details, since the alternative might well be that Britany is going through Her HanoiAnnie Coulter Phase... and may just be acting out her Anger that God Did Not Give Her A Penis Like God Really Would HAVE if only the liberals were not being evil doing evil doers...

{ and yes, click on through to the LAist, since the PhotoShop if Fab.... }
Tags: religion, war

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