drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

DOW does Syrian, Iranian, American Conference....

Hey kids, remember the last time that the DOW was in this sort of Free Fall??? What Was It An Arbitor Of????

Given the Growing Threats That Iran And America will have a coming together to deal with the Iraqi Problem, can there be any other conclusion coming out really soon now???
America Has Always Been Allied With Iran!!!!
In The Most Holyiest Of Crrusades Against Iraq!!!!

It Is TIME to Invade Iraq and STOP their Involvement With The Evil Ikky Yukky PoohPer They Them Those Types Who Are Ikky, And Yukky And PoohPers!!!!!
Yeah, that's the Trick, Invade Iraq and force the Iraqi's to stop supporting International Terrorism, and UnNiceNeff....

Why That would make the DOW rebound Manly, And Masculinely, in a Male and Manly Masculine Upward Thrusting OF The Tuburous And Tumultuous Throbbing Nobber Of The Invisible Hand Of The Market, that is Lo, the Second Coming Of The Greatness Of Greatness!!!! And a Part of the Clear and Compelling Proof Of Why Jesus Gave Us Nukes to defend our American Dollar Hegomony!!!!!

I hope that clears up any ambiguity that might have crept in, and will help everyone get on the same page about being MORE Patriotically Corrector Than Thou....
Tags: religion, war

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