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That Argument From Intelligent Design Problem...


Interesting, The Papist Radicals are out in force again....
It's time the Discovery Channel discovered ethics and stopped with the sensationalism," Catholic League president Bill Donohue told Variety Tuesday.

"If the Discovery Channel fails to cancel this slanderous documentary, it will have to explain why it is intentionally misleading the public," Brent Bozell, president of the conservative watchdog group Media Research Center, told the trade, per E!. "They should be embarrassed by this plunge into sensational speculation masquerading as science. The Discovery Channel will have dug its own grave if it doesn't pull this documentary."

[ cf The Tomb of the Reputation of James, Son of Philip ]

Interesting... Which Position DOES Bill Donohue really hold on these matters of Sensationalism???

And does he Support His Pope, on ThatIraqiThingiePooh, or does he support Great Leader????

Ah yes.... what if these people had to live out their actual beliefs....
Tags: religion, war

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