drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Gloom, Doom, Despair And Despondency....


On monday I ran the diskWarrior Thingie on Jeeves, because Jeeves disk was no longer passing the Disk Utility Test, and so, there was this level of angst and ennoi, and the fear that I would probably have to rebuild some data, and that before the First Of The Month, when the Child Support Checks go out with the Child Support Check Letter, and all of the Freaking Mind Boggling Stuff that is useful to include in same, like case number, and court number, and thingus, and Pooh, and ERS!!!!!

Well I decided after doing all of the things one can with diskWarrior, to bring it up using the Disk Utility, and it ran it's little test and was Green!!!! Super Green!!!! Happy, Warm Fuzzy, Bleeding Heart Wimp Liberal Green!!!

Which of course worries me. You Know, back before 09/11, a proof of that form would have been a clear and compelling argument that things were working OK, but then the Whole World Changed!!!!!

So it was with fear and trepidation that I got up, booted up Jeeves, and it came up, and stuff worked, and then I Booted Up Wooster, my lap top, where the email with the new addr was, and Ithen annotate here, annotate there, and be amused about the weirdness of USB KVM systems as a solution space - and then out goes the documents to the PRINTER!!!!


I mean, gosh, since this too COULD imply that a fact based, proof by exhaustion, system MAY STILL EXIST in a post 9/11 Kultur, doesn't that IMPLY that it is all a part of the Dark and Sinister Evil Nancy Pelosi Demonic Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunny Of Despair WORLD that is trying to stab the Troops in the back, and destory our white christian america, by DOUBTING the All Faith Based Presidency and Divine Powers that Acrue To A War President in a time of Transferring the Tax Liability Unto The Unborn????

Or is it just that the computer is working again....

How Ever will we know without an Official Position from the Vice President's Office of Official Pontifications About The One True And Only Gay Truths Of Divine Willingneff!!!!

What Ever Will We DO????

How Ever Will We Go On Living????

Or do we simply sign the checks, stuff the envelops, andpop them into the post, and hope that no one around notices that these COULD BE APOSTASTIES!!!!! and potentially one of the lesser O-Rings of the Apocalypes....
Tags: religion, war

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