drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

A Bio Worth Reading

While tracking the current "why americans need their government to torture folks" threads, I ran across a bio for ginmar that I really think folks should take the time to seriously read.

It is patently refreshing to hear folks so out of the closet on their issues.

Where I will of course find time to find things interesting is the problem of 'Sorority Girl Feminism' that was long on being politcally correct without any concern about the actual realisms of Feminism. This term was first used, if I recall correctly, in the seventies, and clearly came of age in the 80's. The mother of my children was very useful in helping me get my head around the meaning. She noted that 'they all have decided to keep their maiden name, but they are all still flaunting the size of their engagement ring....'

There has always been the traditional culture/class issues between what is relevant to susie cream cheese in the 'burbs, and those from the 'working class' side of town. There was of course the unpleasantness of the 'Sorority Girl Feminists' in the american armed forces who were all long and strong on "being a woman in a man's job" an attitudal problem - since most of us did not think of the role having been gender defined to begin with. Sailor, Marine and Soldier were always gender neutral. That Culturally Americans may have preferred that they had not been, well, that seems to be some defect in the civilian culture - that could obviously be cleared up for most of them with a fast four in the corp.

As such, one might call me an 'anti-feminist', in that I find that it is SO LONG OVERDUE for americans to need to be 'feminists' to secure the rights of citizenship to half of the population, that I just consider it PATENTLY OBSCENE!


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