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But Is It An american problem????

Some times I wonder which side folks are on?
The news just keeps on coming.

This time, Newsweek reported that between 500 and 1,000 OEF/OIF veterans are homeless and that "[military] families [are] sliding into debt as VA case managers study disability claims over many months, and the seriously wounded [require] help from outside experts just to understand the VA's arcane system..."

Last week it was the Washington Post. In December it was NPR. And at various times last year it was the Hartford Courant, the San Diego Union Tribune, The Oregonian or the Colorado Springs Independent.

Each delivered exceptional news coverage. Here's some of their best, along with an invitation to be the first to read the opening installment of a new series on combat PTSD appearing this morning on General Wesley Clark's Clark Community Network blog, Society and the Soldier.

[ cf What's Reporting Got to Do With It? Everything. ]
Here we are, once again.

Gosh, just like back in the Dark Horrible Time When Barbarella Scared Americans, and some of them understood the importance of Staying CONUS to maintain that high flying Options Trading, and knowing when to Short the Market, so that one would be in the right position to buy the Government of one's Choice.

So should Americans be concerned that some folks just did not plan ahead to be a positive Part of the Greatest Economic Miracle since the Miraculous Birth of the Greatest Military Leader, EVER!!!!!


Or should we just remind americans that sometimes one has to just BELIEVE in the Invisible Hand of the Market and that the Divine Will has elected some to be saved, and some to burn in the Sulphourous Pits of the Lowest Realms of Gehenna!!!

Now don't get me wrong here folks, some of my best friends are Civilians, I mean my father even married a couple, but I sure DO NOT believe that gives those types any more Special Rights than the Divine Will offers up as a part of a package deal of compensations and under the table undeclared cash transactions.
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