drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Katrina Makes America Safer

Ok, someone has to finally step up to the plate and note the obvious.

Think about it folks. The British have had their embassay in Zagreb Bombed. They have had two of their nationals taken prisoner in Basra by the local authority, and as yet, the British Military has not been able to free them.

Meanwhile the North Koreans have decided that they must abandon their desire to have a Nuclear Deterrant.

Clearly the real explanation is that all of the Evil Doers Overseas have finally 'got the right message'.

In america, if there is another disaster, like the 2nd Attack on the world trade center, it's not going to bother any of the sort of folks that the Evil Doers Overseas would want to damage. So targetting american soft targets is not a viable Terrorist Operation. In america the government has so successfully established that it does not care about it's citizenry, that none of the Evil Doers Overseas know how to attack america in a way that would do anything other than impact the lives of the average american citizen whom the american government has already deemed expendable.

Clearly all of that bombing in Iraq didn't make america safer.

Installing a new regime that would control only Kabul didn't make america safer.

Having Katrina demonstrate to the world that american civilians are on their own seems to be the winning way!

Who knows, maybe now americans will be ready to get on with the program of doing what it really takes to win the war on whatever.

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