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That CMH Crisis....

As some may be aware:
An unarmed helicopter pilot who flew through a hail of bullets to rescue 70 wounded Americans in one of the fiercest battles of the Vietnam War was awarded the Medal of Honor on Monday, 41 years later.

Retired Lt. Col. Bruce Crandall, 74, received the nation's highest military honor from President Bush in the White House East Room. The medal recognizes Crandall for his valor in repeatedly flying into enemy fire to bring in ammunition and supplies and evacuate the wounded.

Crandall completed 22 flights in a 14-hour period Nov. 14, 1965, most under intense enemy fire. His actions in the Battle at Ia Drang Valley were depicted in the 2002 movie ``We Were Soldiers,'' adapted from the book ``We Were Soldiers Once . . . And Young.''
``In men like Bruce Crandall, we really see the best of America,'' Bush said. ``For the soldiers rescued, for the men who came home, for the children they had and the lives they made, America is in debt to Bruce Crandall.''

Crandall had a less lofty view.

``I'm so proud that I didn't screw it up,'' he said.

[ cf 41 years later, veteran gets Medal of Honor }
Don't get me wrong folks, what he did was heroic, but one does have to wonder why now?

Why 41 Years Later?

Is the Liberation of Iran REALLY going that badly that the president can not find current Hero's To Be Heroic About???? Or is there really something to:
Hours after touching down aboard Air Force two following what the White House has described as a extremely successful Asian trip, Vice President Dick Cheney was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor by President Bush in recognition of his heroism in surviving an assassination attempt by a suicide bomber yesterday in Afghanistan. Mr. Cheney was recognized for his unprecedented valor and calm demeanor in the aftermath of the explosion which Taliban forces in Afghanistan have claimed responsibility for in an attempt to assassinate the vice president.

"'Is everyone okay, are we still alive?', These were the first words that came from the mouth of this self-sacrificing American patriot," stated President Bush. "After he made sure that he and everyone around him were okay, he insisted that the dead and wounded be taken care of immediately by the Afghan government." The suicide bombing apparently resulted in the deaths of 14 people including one American serviceman.

[ cf Cheney Unhurt in Bombing: Receives Medal of Honor ]
that is just a little to close for most folks to want to stand near?

Could it really be that Dubya is that DESPERATE to get past his emotionally traumatizing experiences with Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy from ThatVietnamEraThingiePooh, that he, well, will just have to keep on Re-Winning It Until The Correct Results Come out like it really always should have been.
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