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But The Administration Still Loves.....

Well, GOSH, golly, Scary Wary, seems that the previous couple of weeks wanking about the Iranians were the only persons, anywhere, ever, to create the super duper special weshel weapons of Wonder, that were so suppose to be the new escalation in the WhateverOnWhomever going on in ThatIraqiThingiePooh.... But as tristero, from Hullabaloo, points out, gosh, golly, Gee Whiz, the Noise Machine may well have been under Factual, bordering on possibly totally Fact Free:
Two weeks ago, the Bush administration organized an intelligence briefing for journalists in Iraq to demonstrate that Iran was providing weapons to Iraqi insurgents. According to the anonymous briefers, the weapons -- particularly explosively formed penetrators or E.F.P.s -- were manufactured in Iran and provided to insurgents by the Quds Force -- a fact that meant direction for the operation was “coming from the highest levels of the Iranian government.”

Well. A raid in southern Iraq on Saturday seems to have complicated the case. There, The Wall Street Journal reports (sub. req.), troops "uncovered a makeshift factory used to construct advanced roadside bombs that the U.S. had thought were made only in Iran." The main feature of the find were several copper liners that are the main component of EFPs. But, The New York Times reports, "while the find gave experts much more information on the makings of the E.F.P.’s, which the American military has repeatedly argued must originate in Iran, the cache also included items that appeared to cloud the issue."

[ cf TPM: Must Read ]
But there is a Brighter Side here. Besides the unpleasantry that the Chief of the Joint Chief Of Staff had not been privy to any of the Majikal Intel Coming out of the VP's Directorate Of Information, no one has yet pointed out how the Iranian Flying Saucers could easily transport whole factories from Planet ZorKon into Iraq precisely to cover up the technical details as to why Iran Hates America for wanting to restore the Iraqi Wetlands.

You see, everything is OK.
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