drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz, What Ever Will We Do???

Summary: While other media outlets, in their coverage of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, have addressed the longtime evangelical hostility to Romney's Mormon faith, Fox News has largely avoided the subject and has responded to other media coverage of the issue by alleging media bias or, in the case of one guest, accusing liberals of anti-Mormon bigotry.
[ cf Fox News whitewashes evangelical hostility to Romney's faith ]
Ah Yes, once upon a Time Mormonism was just one more Cult competing with the other Americanist Cults in America that wanted to be the dominant Christianist Cult that would field the largest Armed Militant Wing capable of Irradicating any form of Ideological Infestation as a Part of an Ongoing Process of Ideological Cleansing!!!

So why should we not get on with the Cleansing....

Or is the Sinister And Dark HORROR in all of this, not merely that Mitt Romney is a Mormon, but that by OPPOSING The Greatest Of All Military Leaders, EVER!!!! That he has come out in Opposition To the divine will of god and shown that he is not only Stabbing Our Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back but wants to so openly Destory Our White Christian America, as IF he were a Mere Papist!!!
Tags: religion, war

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