drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The Papist Crisis.... )

Hey Kids, did anyone notice how the Papists Are Coming!!! The Papists Are Coming!!! And they want to destory our White Christian America by making it an enclave of Papist Revisionist Ideology that owes it's Allegiance to the Bishop Of Rome and NOT to God's Divinely Decided Upon Decider The Divine Decider that the Argument From Inteligent Design Dictated!!! In related news, we notice
Summary: On CNN Headline News, Glenn Beck asserted that "[t]here is a double standard in the world today" for Christians, and Catholic League president Bill Donohue later asked, "Why is it that, you know, other religions aren't held to the same degree of scrutiny?" In fact, both Donohue and Beck have a history of making inflammatory comments about religions other than Christianity.
[ cf Ignoring their own past, Beck and Donohue complained of "double standard" in discussion of religions ]
I mean, get realistic....

Why should ANY AMERICAN be allowed to Owe Allegiance to a Foreign Dictator, such as the Bishop of Rome, and that especially when the Bishop Of Rome has OPENLY OPPOSED THE GREATEST MILITARY LEADER EVER!!!!!! who is at this very moment Ever Gloriously And Ever Victorious Winning the Most Holiest Of All Holy Crusades!!!

I mean, do we want our nation to turn into the land of Demonic Beast Creatures Devouring The Flesh Of White Christian Pert Nippled Full Breasted Teenage Virgin Cheerleader Girls????

Or Is It Time To BOMB Canada until America Is American Again!!!
Tags: bomb_canada, religion, war

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