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More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The China Crisis.... )

There is a fun little brawl going on over at the TPM cafe, and the comic line is:
Let me ask Brad: Why is it that it is the responsibility of $40,000 year American working families to sacrifice their future in order to raise up the living standards of poor Chinese, when commissars turned capitalists ride around Shanghai in a different Rolls every day?
[ cf Brad Delong has "A Question for Jeff Faux": ]
Thank GOD the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! is willing to Use Nuclear Weapons to uphold the American Dollar Hegomony....

Do NOT believe anything the Red Communist Liberal Propogandists are asserting about
U.S. stocks plummeted on Tuesday, sending the benchmark S&P 500 index to its biggest one-day slide in more than 3-1/2 years as a sell-off in China's equity market fanned worries that stock valuations there are too high and some data indicated U.S. economic growth may slow.

Based on the latest available data, the Dow Jones industrial average <.DJI> was down 415.30 points, or 3.29 percent, to end unofficially at 12,216.96. The Standard & Poor's 500 Index <.SPX> was down 49.82 points, or 3.44 percent, to finish unofficially at 1,399.55. The Nasdaq Composite Index <.IXIC> was down 96.65 points, or 3.86 percent, to close unofficially at 2,407.87.

The sell-off wiped out the year's gains for all three of the major U.S. stock indexes. At the unofficial closing levels, the Dow was down about 2 percent for the year, while the S&P 500 was down about 1.32 percent and the Nasdaq was down about 0.17 percent.

[ cf Stocks sink on China and U.S. growth fears ]
Since these sort of Defeatist Rumour Mongering By Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Runners do not take into account the Special Divine Powers that a War President is granted by the Argument From Intelligent Design...

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