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Who Could Have Imagined.....

As archeologists question filmmaker James Cameron's claim that he has discovered the tomb of Jesus Christ and his family, Christian groups are criticizing the Discovery Channel for what they call another attack on Christianity.

The cable channel, which bills itself as "the number-one nonfiction media company," will air "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" on Sunday, March 4.

According to Discovery Channel promotional material, the documentary produced by Academy Award winner Cameron and directed by Simcha Jacobovici presents "new evidence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene ... may have had a son named Judah."

[ cf Discovery Channel Accused of Attacking Christianity ]
Hopefully now the Bombings Will Go On Until Only The True Believers are left....

Oh yes, one more Clear And Compelling Proof That The Whole Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianist Threat, is, well, Threatening....
Tags: bomb_canada, religion, war

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