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More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The Regional Crisis.... )

Can YOU believe it that there are Regionalist Cliques, all of whom are stabbing our Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back by NOT supporting The Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!!
Envoys from the West and Islamic nations — including Iran, Syria and the United States — are expected to attend a conference next month on efforts to stabilize Iraq, a diplomatic adviser said Tuesday.

The meeting, planned for mid-March in the Iraqi capital, is an attempt by the U.S.-backed government to seek greater regional assistance and study ways to fight insurgents and tensions between Iraq's majority Shiite Muslims and Sunnis.

[ cf Iran, Syria expected to join US at Baghdad talks next month ]

Appauled! A Pauled!!!

Joining the Evil Empire And The Axis Of Evil And The Evil Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Runners who are, well, not the Good People!!!!!

What Next???
Five Western states, including California, announced an agreement Monday to create a regional effort to lower greenhouse gas emissions that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger touted as illustrating "the power of states to lead our nation addressing climate change."

But officials with the governors of the other states -- Arizona, New Mexico, Washington and Oregon -- indicated that they were not close to adopting the same kind of strong global-warming law that California has in place. The states have largely unenforceable goals to reduce greenhouse gases, and with Arizona and New Mexico still considering building the kind of high-polluting power plants that California forbids, it was unclear how much impact the agreement would have.

[ 5 Western states announce effort to reduce emissions ]

Devil Worshipping Nancy Pelosi Evil Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair Running Rampant to Destory Our White Christian America....

It is Just Unimaginable...
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