drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should Americans Be Damned To The Mere Laws Of Man?

Hum... given the political punditry out there, what exactly would happen if congress repealed the 2002 understanding that the president could utilize what ever level of force he felt required, gosh, the same instrument klinton had to do what he was doing to iraq, would it really 'end the war'????

These Pundits are saying, 'no' - which is ironically is TRUE, since the nation is no more 'at war' now, than under the clinton administration. But the other side of that problem would be that the president would need to establish why exactly he is using american Tax Payer's Dollars to engage in funnelling Bucks to his favorite Military Industrial Complex....

So do we really need to pass an actual act asserting that it is illegal for the president to fraudulently distribute tax payers money to MIC players, simply because he is having a bad weekend???

Or is the scary part for the pro-war pundits that they are more Afraid that IF Congress disallows the Klinton Policy of allowing to president to do what ever the president wants to do, that the Pro-War Types will no longer remember why it is that they Hate Liberals, The American Constitution, and the Rule of Law?
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