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Should American Troops Be Limited In Any Way???

The new plan from Senate Democrats, revealed today in the major papers, is to supersede the 2002 Iraq War authorization resolution with one that would pull out combat troops starting in March, 2008. After that, only troops involved with counterterrorism operations (against Al Qaeda), training Iraqi troops, and securing Iraq's border would remain. The Politico has the best rundown of the resolution's nitty gritty details. Sens. Carl Levin (D-MI) and Joe Biden (D-DE) are the main drivers behind it, but it has support across the spectrum of Senate Democrats. It's unclear when a vote would occur.
[ cf TPM: Today's Must Read ]
Well, Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz!!!!

But before we start the rush to judgement here, there is that recent, and on going, rounds of Radical Judicial Activisim that keeps saying that War Crimes ARE War Crimes, even if they are committed by Americans. So there appears to already be some established notion that American Law Applies to American Military, and ParaMilitary, and Quasi-Military, Organizations engaged in projects alledgely funded by the US tax payers through Congress.

That being the case, would it be prudent to assert that the president can not simply use Iraq as an excuse to transfer american tax payer dollars to his cronies??? And from there aren't there the ugly extensions that suggest that congress could limit the funding of the restoration of the iraqi wetlands to only those wetlands that the President had already established were the reason that we destabilised iraqi civil society for in the first place????

Or are we all going to be campaigning for
"American President's Gone Wild!!!!"
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