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got that new style law stuff???

Two forensic psychology experts testified Thursday that alleged Al Qaeda accomplice Jose Padilla suffered mental damage during his 3 1/2 years in U.S. military custody and was unfit to stand trial on terrorism charges.

Testing and evaluation of the 36-year-old former Chicago gang member revealed "strong indication of cognitive impairment" and a 98% probability of brain injury, said Patricia Zapf, a clinical forensic psychologist and associate professor at City University of New York.

"I believe he is not competent to proceed, that he is not fit to stand trial," Zapf testified as a witness for the defense.

U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke scheduled the competency hearing after Padilla's defense attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the case because of what they called "outrageous government conduct" that amounted to torture.

[ cf Padilla unfit for trial, defense experts say ]
Why Worry, They will not be competent to stand trial after the torturing...

So Why Worry, Be Happy!!!

It IS a new day in america!!!

Ask Yourself WHOM would Jesus Torture to maintain the American Dollar Hegomony...

Besides Great Leader Has ELECTROLYTES!!! you know, what plants want...
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