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And The Brutal Liberal Repression Continues!!!!

A South Korean man is going to prison for accepting at least two (M) million dollars to secretly work on Iraq's behalf to influence the U-N oil-for-food program.
A jury rejected claims that Park was a middleman representing U-N interests in relieving the pain of Iraqis under Saddam Hussein.

Earlier today, the judge refused to dismiss charges against Texas oilman Oscar S. Wyatt Junior, Houston-based Bayoil U-S-A sole shareholder David Chalmers Junior and trader Ludmil Dionissiev.

[ citing S. Korea businessman gets 5 years in U.N. oil-food scheme ]
A Measly Little $2 Million Concession!!!!

I mean what is with the wacky american radical left wing extremists in the judicial system that consider it a crime to accept a commission to help facilitate the process of transacting transactions in Iraq....

I mean, what Next, they are going to get all wanky about the Billions of Unaccountable American Dollars that has gone walkies during the current Americans For America Program in Iraq???
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