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Another Proof Of The Argument From Intelligent Design

I just noticed, If i am involved with a NonMalePerKin I tend to spend much of the winter bundled up in bed debating the Throbbbing And Tumultuous Nature of the Divine Will, and that it is women's work to do womanly thinks like buy and sell land, hire staff, and otherwise keep her Man at liberty to sit at the Gates Of The City arguing the Divine Will!!!!

This inevitably leads to a time when I must get up and hunt down an asprin, as one of the persons in bed is concerned about the onset of a headache.

When I am not involved with a NonMalePerkin I tend to spend much of the winter bundled up in bed debating the Throbbbing And Tumultuous Nature of the Divine Will, and why, while I may have a fever, sniffles, and what not, that there are some clearly BAD ontological and epistemological arguments for the existence of God, not the least of which was Not So 'Bright' by comrade party leader DINESH D'SOUZA , yeah, that winner, the one who found himself supporting the Islamicists Extremist Attacks on america, because, well, liberals are bad people, and they cause Islamicists, and Christianist, to attack america.

What make D'Souza's rant amusing is that he leaps to the "The Fallacy of the Enlightenment" and pitches us Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason," and with it the hope that there may well be things which we can neither encounter, nor know, and in that space we could possibly park a God Thing. Which in itself has always been a bit problematic as a part of the 'great leap of faith' process, but even more complicated, given the Grand Ideological struggle against "From Kant To Hegel To Marx" that was once the dahling rantette about why any one who was in any way in bed with Kant was a Red....

{ you are all tall people, google for Kant + Hegel + Marx + Naval - and watch the patriotic spin doctoring go!!! }

All of which leads us to the place where one of the one person in bed has to get up and hunt down an asprin substitue for the duration of the basic check out phase prior to seeking a antibiotic compound, as the prospects of this being a Viral Agent is no longer Plausible.

At which Point we see that God Reveals the Divine Path from Bed To Bath To Asprin to Inlightenment, and as such the inevitably clear and compelling proof that Jesus Gave Us Nukes!!!!

Can there be any doubt about the efficacy of Feith Based Intelligence Systems?
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