drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

those Evil Liberals!!!!

It is JUST SHOCKING!!!! SHOCKING I Tell you, the Horrors of Evil Liberals:
Black moldy walls, stained carpets, cheap mattresses, mouse droppings, dead cockroaches, holes in ceilings, leaky plumbing, broken elevators, unshoveled walks.

Welcome home, soldier.

That disgusting picture of the lodgings for outpatient servicemen recuperating from Iraq war injuries and awaiting disability classifications in and around Walter Reed Hospital was presented over the weekend in an outrageous expose by the Washington Post.

Not surprisingly, there was a surge on Monday, a surge of repair workers who began removing the mold from some of the rooms in Building 18, a former hotel that was converted to lodge troops, mostly with psychiatric problems, as they await medical determinations.

Walter Reed hospital and Army and Defense officials have reportedly been “meeting continuously for three days” since the newspaper expose began appearing. On Monday they said half of the 54 rooms in Building 18 had repair work completed.
The Navy Times report says that the VA now has a 400,000 case backlog on new claims.

In 2001, the Times said, “10 percent of soldiers going through the medical retirement process received permanent disability benefits. In 2005, with two wars raging, that percentage dropped to 3 percent, according to the Government Accountability Office. Reservists dropped from 16 percent to 5 percent.”

[ cf Wounded troops fight on at Walter Reed complex ]
How Shocking!!!!

The Evil Liberals have been in congress, and have failed to maintain Walter Reed to a standard that would be able to support Active American Combat Tours Overseas in Hostile Fire Pay Zones.....

Hum.... What if those Liberals would have thought about the actual costs and consequences of using american combat troops to restore the iraqi wetlands....

Clearly it is time to support Bush/Cheney in 2008, you know, to support the troops!!! And to stop the evil liberals who have let the military down...
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