drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got More Holy War???

An interesting comment here:
At the same time, they acknowledged that the interventions of foreign bishops in support of US traditionalists has exacerbated the situation.
[ cf After Anglican meeting, Episcopal Church on notice ]
Now this will be interesting to watch the 'christianists' address which of their positions they are actually holding here....

Do they support the acceptability of Ferrign Devil Co-Religionists to compromise American National Security And Sovereignty by demanding policy positions not in compliance with Great Leader??? As was the concern when the Pope OPPOSED the Great and Most Holiest Of Crusades to restore the Wetlands Of Iraq....

Or will the Christianists take any support in attacking Gays by any means possible, since Gays are More Scarrrier than anything, EVER!!!!! Including Iranian Flying Saucers...

Oh what will come of these Most Holiest Of Holy Crusades....
Tags: religion, war

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