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The Real All Options on the Table...

It is very interesting take in
In a vacuum, one can understand why people think that taking the military option "off the table" is a bad idea. You need leverage and the "big stick" is the ultimate leverage. But we are not in a vacuum, we are in a world in which a president of the United States has so damaged his nation's credibility that the single most important foreign policy imperative is to revive the certainty that the USA is not a rogue nation with imperialist desires, if not plans for world domination. Until that happens, any "leverage" of military action we have is taken as an absolute threat.
[ cf Options On The Table ]
There is the idea of some limitations.....

Americans might want to limit the options to the ones in the Real World that do not require having Feith Manufacturing Intelligence Like Product that is mostly Fact Free.....

This way folks around the world would start to consider that maybe the americans were getting past their little drug stoopered drink the cool-aid days...

Or we could just keep on preaching about the need to bomb canada....
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