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The Evil Klintonesta Are Coming The Evil Klintonesta Are Coming!!!

The United States on Tuesday held out as a model for Iran a deal under which North Korea will take steps toward giving up nuclear arms, and analysts said it might bolster Iranians who favor talks with the West.

White House spokesman Tony Snow called the deal a "template," but some analysts cautioned that the United States would have less leverage with Iran than with impoverished, communist North Korea.

[ cf U.S. holds out North Korea deal as model for Iran
Like Dude!!!

The Colours Man!!! I mean, like Wow Man, Groovey!!!!

That 1994 Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Run Doggrel that is being retread and trod out again for the same NoKo's Who At This Very Minute Are Working In their Super Secret Sinister Island Fortress Of Death to Create More Evil Nancy Pelosi Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair to destroy our White Christian America, and the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets, including the stand up comedianne Tony Snow, who has been socking them sideways with his dead pan wit at the White House Comedy Improv Shop, are merely offering us more of that same old Failed Pre-911 Liberalism!!!!

Clearly NOW more than ever We MUST BOMB CANADA to save America For Americanism!!!
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