drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

And the Evil Liberal Oppressors Here Are Whom Again???

The Securities and Exchange Commission has begun to take steps on two fronts to protect corporations, executives and accounting firms from investor lawsuits that accuse them of fraud.
Institutional investors and some analysts expressed alarm at the developments, noting that the number of shareholder lawsuits was declining significantly. “It is clear from these actions that this is a commission intent on reversing seven decades of rule making, by Democrats and Republicans, that have protected investors and opposed shielding auditors,” said Lynn E. Turner, a former chief accountant at the commission and the managing director of research at Glass Lewis, an adviser to large shareholders. “This administration and this agency are very pro-business and anti-investor.”

[ cf S.E.C. Seeks to Curtail Investor Suits
( Emphasis mine ) ]
Blink? Blink????

now remind me again how this new and improved capitalist system can devolve into a class war between the business players andd the investing class....



Bomb Canada!!!

yeah, that's the Ticket!!!
Tags: bomb_canada

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