drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Radical Left Liberal Wing Oppression ( The Kansas Crisis )

Oh Mien Gott Im Himmel The Radical Left Liberal Wing Has Gone TOTALLY LOOPY with it's extremism:
With little discussion, the Kansas Board of Education this afternoon repealed the controversial science standards that cast doubt on evolution.

The board voted 6-4 — along its moderate-conservative fault lines — to adopt new standards that eliminated most of the old standard’s criticism of evolution, which mainstream scientists said was unwarranted and unscientific.

Supporters of the change said they hope the board — and the state — can now move on to other issues.

“I think it’s a great day for Kansas,” said Mary Ralstin of Shawnee, a mother of four who came to watch the board meeting.

[ cf Kansas board reverses decision on evolution ]
How Much Longer Can Americans Tolerate This Type Of Radical Extremist Onslaught and Oppression!!!!

Today the Radical Extremists Attack the Argument From Intelligent Design, and we all know that this is all a part of the Brutal And Repressive Effort To Stab Our VALIANT FIGHTINNG FORCES IN THE BACK!!!! By abandoning the Divine Rights of a War President that are Given Him By The Mystical And Majical Powers of the Argument From Intelligent Design!!!!

How much longer will americans tolerate this before the Repressive Radical Extremists call for allowing Canada to be Canadianist!!!! Can Americans Abandon Canada to the Canadianists Pirates and their Gay Marriage Only Initiatives????

How Much Longer Must We Wait for the Divine Wrath of the Holy VOCHAS Crusaders to take up the Holy Crusade of Rescuing Kansas from the Jack Booted Radical Extremists!!!!
Tags: bomb_canada, religion, war

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