drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Say Good Bye To The Old American Dream....

Because soon we will have a new and improved family sized jumbotron American Dream, if the Defeatist Cut And Run Appeasers back Mit Romney rather than supporting The Great leader!!!!
Mitt Romney set out his optimistic vision of a “New American Dream” on Tuesday in a speech laden with 50 references to “America”, as he became the latest Republican to officially declare his ambitions for the 2008 presidency.
[ cf Romney lays down challenge to Republican rivals ]
I Mean He Can NOT BE SERIOUS???? Now Can he???

I mean how could americans tolerate the Idea of Abandoning Great Leader while our troops are on the bulwark of freedom bring peace, prosperity, and happiness to everyone everywhere!!!!

Clearly voting for anyone other than Great Leader would be stabbing our troops in the Back!!!

And besides, why would we want to give up the Old American Dream, where the War President Rules by divine decree and all are happy and blessed that the Great Leader is Great!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For Great Leader Has Electrolytes!!! They are what Plants Want!!! And Plants KNOW what they want in a Great Leader!!!

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