drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Tet Offensive Crisis.... )

Gosh!!! Golly!!!! Gee Whiz The Komrade Party leader McCain!!!
"By the way, a lot of us are also very concerned about the possibility of a, quote, 'Tet Offensive.' You know, some large-scale tact that could then switch American public opinion the way that the Tet Offensive did," the Arizona senator said.
[ cf McCain Says "Tet"-Like Offensive Could Make Americans Favor Iraq War
( emphasis in citation ) ]
Can there be any doubt about the Threat Of Iranian Flying Saucers????

Yes, when the Iranians Come Marching In from the North And West over the Ho Chi Mihn trail to attack cities all across Iraq, the American People will finally clearly see the difference between the attacking cities all across Iraq and the current process in which there are attacks across Iraq in Cities....

There you have it boys and Girls!!! The Clear And Compelling Proof that now more than ever we MUST BOMB the unamericanism out of Canada so that they will release their Inner Americanism to help americanise the americanization of the Greater American Co-Prosperity Spheree!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For He Has Electrolytes!!! What Plants Want!!!

And so do so many of his great supporters.... and lesser jock straps as well...
Tags: bomb_canada, war

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